What makes the perfect kids backpack

What makes the perfect kids backpack

In the making of KAOS Mini-Ransel we turned to our customers to discover everyones needs in a kids backpack. Then we made sure to include the right functionality.

During product development we shared sketches, images and our thoughts as both designers and parents in order to include what we thought was cruisial for a kids backpack. We got plenty of feedback from customers and followers that we took into consideration when completing the Mini-Ransel. 

So literally, thanks to great teamwork the Mini-Ransel kids backpack is unique. Thanks to everyone contributing! And if you weren't part of the process, we've made a round-up of the highlights you'll find when purchasing a Mini-Ransel. 

1. The size - 8 litres volume

We found that parents don't like tiny small kids backpacks. Tiny Small backpacks don't fit a medium/large sized lunchbox or extra clothes and stuff. Speaking for ourselves, our kids have large lunch boxes cause we put a little bit of everything in there: fresh fruit, vegetables, berries, a little sandwhich, yoghurt. You name it. Then there's the drinking bottle. And usually extra clothes. 

We made sure to make the KAOS Mini-Ransel kids backpack the perfect size to fit everything kiddo needs. 

2. The materials

The KAOS Mini-Ransel kids backpack is made of waxed cotton canvas to make it durable in all sorts of weather. It's also gives the Mini-Ransel a rougher and tougher finish (for rougher and tougher kids ;-D ). There's details in imitated leather (PU). And like any of our other products, the Mini-Ransel has custom copper hardware and YKK-zippers. This really reveals the high standard of this kids backpack. The details are not the details, they make the design... ;-)

3. Smart functionality

This was perhaps the most important discussion we had with our customer during development. Our mission has always been to make things a bit easier when we can. That's why the KAOS Mini-Ransel kids backpack include the following features:

    • chest buckle (to keep it well in place)
    • padded shoulder straps (for carrying comfort)
    • bottle pockets (on each side)
    • snap button-handle (allows you to put it onto anything, like a stroller. This can be a true life saver)
    • mobile sitting pad (placed in the back, also for comfort when carrying)
    • plastic window for name tag 
    • Water proof bottom

In addition we made a little reflector to go with the Mini-Ransel. You can basically put any reflector or accessory onto your Mini-Ransel.

Again - big thanks to all contributors that helped in the development of KAOS Mini-Ransel. You made this. We are super excited to develop more products together with you. Make sure you Join the KAOS and stay tight. 

We'll have more coming very soon.

KAOS Mini-Ransel kids backpack

The Mini-Ransel togheter with The Ransel <3 Matching backpacks for you and mini-you. 

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