6 ingenious must-haves when taking kids to the beach

6 ingenious must-haves when taking kids to the beach

July is the ultimate summer month! There's no summer without beach life and I promise beach life with kids will be a lot smoother if you keep these life savers in mind. 

1. Frozen water melon

That's right. Say YES to healthy ice cream! Cut water melon in chunky slices and freeze them over the night. Then bring them to the beach preferably in a thermo-container to keep them frozen as long as possible. It will cool you down when things heat up and the kids LOVE it. Healthy snacks, yes please!

P.S. This can basically be done with any fruit. Try a frozen banana too. Or an apple. Delicious!

2. Frozen water

While you're at the freezer, freeze a big bottle of water as well. Bring the frozen bottle to the beach and as it lays out in the sun it will melt and leave you cold water to sip on. The kids will love having one GIGANTIC ice cube in a bottle. It will keep them hydrated very easily. 

P.S. Of course you can freeze juice or lemonade too. It's all about your desire :D But remember: No glass bottles in the freezer. Only plastic, so they don't break. 

3. The KAOS Samlesak - a flexible beachbag

The KAOS Samlesak storage bag aka play mat will be a rescue to the beach, at the beach and from the beach. Fill it up with the kids beach toys, all your towels and swimming suits and get into your slippers. Easy to carry, then folds out to a sand-fri play mat the kids can sit on. Made of robust, coated canvas it doesn't matter if the towels are wet on your way back or if you accidentally manage to bring half the sand tower back too. Just shake it off (before entering the house, you hear!) and The KAOS Samlesak is as good as new. 

KAOS Samlesak, SEK 599,- // DKK 477,- // EUR 65 to be found here

4. UV-protection

We take for granted that you wear sunscreen. Then again, just to remind you: Make sure you apply sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving the house. The skin needs time to absorb. Rub it onto every available spot to protect yourself and the kids from the sun. Apply regularly after a swim and as time goes. There are also loads of protective clothing you can get for the kids to protect the main areas, like these cuties from Danish brand Soft Gallery (NB! A bit small in sizes):

A UV tent is also ingenious to bring as it provides you some shadow during the day, and the kids love to hang out in a little tent. There are several ones on the market, from tiny baby-tents to larger family tents. Typically found at sport stores or kids stores. We like this pop-up tent from Amazon (41.99 USD)

5. Inflatable chair (bed)

Whether your kids need to take a rest or you want a comfy place to sit while guarding the kids like a hawk, you should grab an inflatable chair/bed like Fatboy Lamzac (NOK 655,-). If you're in Norway you can get this inflatable chair from Sittesekken.no (NOK 679,-)

6. Baby-powder to "de-sand" yourself

Yes, you always dip your feet in the ocean to remove all sand before stepping into your shoes. But then again, you have to get out of the sand after dipping them into the sea... haha, it's one big comedy. So, never mind dipping your feet in the sea, just walk right out of the sand onto solid ground. Rub on some Baby-powder and see how the sand disappears. It's magic!

Ransel, Nettsekk and Samlesak from itskaos.com

Have a lovely summer and enjoy the holiday coming up!

Peace out.

Gineline & Mette.