Welcome Visa, American Express and Mastercard

Allright! We now accept credit cards from basically all countries! Seamlessly and secure on your desktop, tablet and mobile.

That's right, we accept payments in your supported currency from Visa, Mastercard or American Express. If you’re a customer outside Norway your bank may charge additional fees, like a little (yes, usually very little) conversion fee to exchange the payment from NOK to your local currency, or a so called “foreign transaction” fee. I'm afraid these fees are up to your own bank to decide, so the exact behavior might vary. We recommend you to contact your bank with any such questions. 

We use trusted gateway Stripe. Currently, Stripe allows for European businesses to create charges in these following 138 currencies. If you're not on that list yet, Stripe is constantly working on making additional currencies available as quickly as possible.

And of course - there is always PayPal as a payment option, if that is your preferred choice still :-)