KAOS featured on TV-Show: God morgen, Norge (TV2)

Last week was the best ever! We got all of our KAOS Ransels in stock Wednesday January 21. On Thursday 22. January 2015, 8 am, we were featured on the TV2 show "God morgen, Norge" as one of the up & coming designers in 2015.

Mari Midtstigen, Editor in Chef at Foreldre & Barn, one of Norways leading magazines for parents, presented up & coming designers on the TV-show "God Morgen, Norge" hosted by TV2. KAOS was featured with both KAOS Ransel and Samlesak, and we are so proud to have made it to national TV already! Yeah! We were companied by other Norwegian makers and shakers, such as Minimeis, RisaRosa Design and BBhugme. Check them out (sites are in Norwegian, though).

Watch the video
If you have a TV2 Sumo-user, you can check out the video featuring KAOS products here (app. 20 minutes into the show). If you don't have a user I'm afraid TV2 wont allow viewing (blah), but at least we have two nice, little pics from the happening! (Thank you for snapping, Hilde <3)