Ride with style

A diaperbag is an accessory you will use from the day your child is born. And as your child grows older and stop using diapers (no diapers, Amen) you'll still need a proper bag to keep all belongings and kids gear when out and about. Like extra set of clothes, food, drink, toys and what not. A proper diaperbag normally costs a lot of money, while the big downside is that you really don't want to use it when kiddo grows older, because it often looks like a toiletry. At the same time, a non-diaperbag lacks enough departments to organize the content, and it gets all chaotic and messy. At least for the men, haha. Well, we don't want that! When investing in a diaperbag we want a bag that can be used long after diaperdays are over, a bag even our men won't mind wearing because it doesn't look like a diaperbag. Not at least: a bag that is ergonomically correct for your body, because oh emm geee you'll have a lot of carrying to do when you have kids.

When we developed the Ransel, we made a list of important features a good diaperbag should have:

  • large capacity.
  • enough pockets for organizing content.
  • A little clutch to keep any special content a bit more separate. Like any medicine or personal moms lipstick, yiihaa.
  • it has to attach to the stroller. And to most strollers, indeed.
  • it's a lot better (ergonomically) to carry a backpack rather than a messenger bag or a purse over your shoulder. Any physiotherapist will tell you that. Besides, we have dogs. Have you tried walking a dog while carrying a kid and a diaperbag over your shoulder? Hrmf. 
  • dad should be comfortable using a diaperbag too! It cannot look like a toiletry. Seriously.
  • the weather! In Norway we have 4 seasons, and they carry a lot of rain and snow. Our diaperbag had to be water resistant.
  • a changing mat. How many times have we not found ourselves at a place without a changing station? Let's just make it easy to get rid of the changing mat when kiddo don't need it anymore. 
  • aesthetic, aesthetic, aesthetic. This last point was maybe the biggest challenge of them all whilst maintaining all of the above. Our solution was to really focus on designelements combined with high quality materials and custom details. It really makes the difference and makes KAOS a signature diaper-backpack. 

So dump da frump, we say! And get inspired. Create your own mama and papa-style and get your Ransel to go with it. The combinations could be endless, but here's some inspiration to get you going <3