KAOS in United Kingdom

Guys, this is hot: our first international retailer! And not just any retailer, it's a little unique and cool shop that represents fine brands and products you wont typically find on the high street. Meet The Tipi.

The Tipi is run by a lovely girl, Naomi. We knew pretty fast we would love for her to represent our products in the UK because we totally related to each other. Just like us, she came to start her business after she had kids. Her sense of interior and tend to shop for nice things to her daughters made her chase a dream - to have her own shop with selected items.

We love that she did and we love how The Tipi specialises in unique children's homeware, toys, gifts and clothing. 

So UK customers; it just got easier to get hold of a KAOS Ransel! The Tipi keeps stock of all versions of our nappybag. You will find them right here: https://thetipi.co.uk/