Wanna pimp something?

The ones that have followed us from the start know the three products we launched in January were all answers to various needs we had ourselves and got from the ones we surveyed: There had to be a better diaper bag, a playmat and a tote for the kids. Now it's time to make something new. 

We have tons of ideas of things we need and want to develop next. With the growing KAOS community we're experiencing, it's crucial for us to keep making things you need and want as well. After all, we're on a mission to pimp parenting; moms and dads out there, we're all in the same boat, haha!

That's why, dear friends, we're asking you to share your ideas. What product could you wish for? What do you need? What would you like to make cooler, more functional, more aesthetic? We're all set to start developing new gear, so bring it on. 

To get you started, we'll share some of the ideas we have on the paper. Keep throwing ideas on the table in the comment field, drop us an email or have your say on Instagram or Facebook.

Some ideas:

  • A cool little KAOS bag to be attached to the stroller (for keys, phone etc). The ones we know of are so laim.
  • A large, fancy clutch-thing to bring on-the-go, for the most essential: diapers, changing mat, wet-napkins etc. 
  • Mondays and Fridays in kindergarden are days when you need to collect all of the clothes, shoes and what not. We need something chic to carry everything in, cause we look like idiots trying to carry everything now. It shouldn't take up any space when not in use!

 Help create KAOS. Here we go!


 KAOS trackback   

The Ransel (2015)

Gineline, one of the KAOS founders, was pregnant and really wanted a stylish diaper bag for her second child. We couldn't find her one we liked, so we made one. It took a year or so, but it was time well spent. You know the rest of the story; the KAOS Ransel has become our signature:

The Nettsekk (2015)

Travelling with kids made us realize we were tired of carrying all of their toys ourselves. So we made the Nettsekk. Stuff it with toys, wrap it up and the kids manage to carry it themselves as a backpack. When they get tired (and you know they will) you can help. Carry it as a tote or a backpack. 2 in one. Done:

The Samlesak (2015)

Our oldest kids have toys EVERYWHERE. And when we go places, the toys come (EVERYWHERE) too. We really needed something convenient to gather stuff in and to bring along indoors and outdoors. Something that looked nice in the kids room, but even in our living room:

The Mini-Ransel (coming soon)

The next product coming up this year is the KAOS MINI-Ransel. That will be a stylish and functional backback for kids in kindergarden, available in three different colors. We can't wait to show you guys! Just a few more weeks, stay tuned.