KAOS in Belgium

We kijken ernaar uit om te worden vertegenwoordigd in België! Vanaf juni 2015 kunt u vinden op KAOS Het Land Van Ooit in Kontich. Bedankt voor het warme welkom!

I have no idea if that's the right translation, but Google Translate tells me so :) Anyways, we are thrilled to be represented in Belgium as from June 2015. All of our KAOS Ransel and Samlesak will be stocked and sold at Het Land Van Ooit in Kontich, Belguim. 

Het Land Van Ooit has loads of great brands, and we are honoured to be represented in this modern funkis shop. More importantly: they really care about their customers and offer top service to provide everything a becoming mom and dad need for their new life with a baby on board. The place to go, no doubt!

So Belgium: we can't wait. We hope you'll enjoy our KAOS gear :-)

For more info, contact Het Land Van Ooit.