Help create KAOS Mini-Ransel

There's something we´ve been working on for a little while and we have a sneak peak to show you guys! Finally, we present to you... the KAOS Mini-Ransel! Our new backpack developed for kids in kindergarden. The Mini-Ransel is undergoing prototyping and fitting as we speak so we are rubbing the details this very moment. My, my, my it will be funky, as an offspring to the KAOS Ransel. The best part? You can take part in the development and help create our KAOS Mini-Ransel. 

The KAOS Ransel was the result of our search for the perfect diaperbag. As our babies are growing older and we are growing into new phases, of course KAOS is growing too. Right now our oldest are in kindergarden, and we haven't found the perfect backpack for our kids. That's why we wanted to create a KAOS Ransel for them too. 

The Mini-Ransel process started with a list of demands and specifications we had from our own (and our kids) experience. We also asked our customers and followers what they wanted in a kids backpack. The results were clear:

  1. It must be the perfect fit for children and according to ergonomic demands (they need to carry it themselves)
  2. It has to be easy for parents to carry too, normally we attach it to the stroller on our way to and from
  3. It must have enough space for all the stuff they bring to kindergarden, without being too big (hello, point no. 1)
  4. It must endure rough treatment and rough weather (after all, we are vikings! We have four seasons, year after year!)
  5. It must be washable
  6. There should be some reflex going on
  7. In Norway, life in kindergarden means outdoor excursions every week. For instance, every Tuesday they head out to enjoy lunch in a nice park or the wild woods (where all the Trolls live, mwouaahaaa ;-). For that reason we wanted to include a sitting-pad to make sure their tiny behinds keep warm when sitting on the ground. 
  8. And of course, in true KAOS-spirit: Must. Look. Funky!

We have truly been focused to fulfill all the above demands. We've been inside out, upside down to make the perfect backpack for kids in kindergarden, and here's what we have ended up with:


  • Large space (for clothes, lunchbox etc)
  • Bottle-holder to keep bottles steady 
  • Mobile sitting-pad in a separate pocket 
  • Name tag


  • Large front pocket with zipper (for stuff like pacifiers, sunglasses, notes from kindergarden etc)
  • Adjustable straps on the sides (to adjust the size of the backpack in relation to the content)
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Adjustable breast strap, click on-click off (to prevent the backpack to slip of their tiny shoulders)
  • A handle to open/close with the push of a button (convenience of attaching it to the stroller)
  • Reflex
  • Waterproof, washable material

Our first batch of KAOS Mini-Ransel will be available in three different colors:




Just like KAOS Ransel, KAOS Mini-Ransel will have custom copper hardware: 

And... here are some images of the first prototype ever! These pics are from our manufacturer, before any adjustments has been done and without the correct details, material and hardware: 

It's a good start, but we are picky so of course we will make some corrections (yes, we're going for nothing less than perfection). I gotta say, we aboslutely LOVE how it resembles the KAOS Ransel, and we know the kids will totally dig to have a backpack similar to ours. Yay!

Help create KAOS

As always, your input is important to KAOS. Based on all info and the current pics, what's your say? What else could you wish for? We truly welcome any feedback you may have, so don't be shy... speak now, or forever hold your peace, you hear!

Leave a comment here, give a shout on Instagram or Facebook, dear friends. Help create the perfect backpack for kids in kindergarden!

Looking forward to hearing your opinion, we'll talk soon:-)