6 tips when travelling with kids

6 tips when travelling with kids

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We have traveled a lot with children and our experiences have formed the basis for the development of KAOS products. We have developed KAOS Ransel and KAOS weekend bag to be worn on your back so that you can keep arms free for the children at all times. It has proved to be a success for ourselves and for our customers.

We gathered some overall tips when traveling with kids, things we remind ourselves every time we go places. Take note and remind yourself too, it will make things a lot easier to enjoy :-)

1. Be sure to have a enough time.
You never know what will happen along the way. Add time to both an extra diaper change and a return home because you have forgotten something.

2. Relax and lower your shoulders.
Kids can sense stress on a long distance, and especially when it comes from their own mom and dad. And this is contagious! Try to relax even though episodes break out, and the kids relax too.

(Most people feel very at someone's eyes if (rather, when) the kids start screaming. Overlook the eyes on you, just tell yourself they look at you and admire how to cope with the situation. It works for me!)

3. Pack light. PACK LIGHT!
There are always lots of things to bring along when traveling with kids. Focus on the most important things and drop the "nice to have". You'll be surprised how few things you actually need. Tip: Be sure to check options to borrow items wherever you go.

4. Have toys readily available.
Children under 4 years are easy to distract. You will easily get your attention on something else by showing them another toy or a piece of fruit if (or rather, when) they decide to burst into a melt down. The good thing with kids over 4 years is that they entertain themselves better. Just keep their favourite toys available at all times, and you'll be fine. 

5. Do not expect too much of yourself or others.
If you think the kids will sit still and be quiet all the way you will soon find yourself disappointed. And if you think everyone else is going to let you pass in the queue and give you special treatment because you are traveling with kids, you'll find yourself depressed. People put themselves first. Tip: fold up your sleeves and do the same.

6. Last but not least: Have a good travel bag.
Again: make sure your arms are free. Whether you have a baby carrier or you are going to drag the kids safely through the airport, it's by far best to carry the luggage on your back. KAOS weekend bag is great on travels because you wear it on your back, in addition you can split the inside into 1-3 compartmenst. This makes it easier to keep track of what is yours and what is your kids stuff. Our weekend bag meets the demands as hand luggage and can be carried onto the plane. shop it from it here: