Set back in production releases KAOS superpower

Hi folks, we have some bad news and some good news.

The bad news is we just had a set back with the production of our Mini-Ransel. Unfortunately the communication with our current manufacturer has had some huge challenges and the crappy part is that we didn't realize how serious it was until it was too late. The good news is we have a plan, and we are already in progress. When something like this happens, it's like superpowers are released and we're working butts off to get back on track! However, the consequence is that our Mini-Ransel will be delayed to market, and we're awfully sorry and sad about it. We hope to have found a new, suitable manufacturer already. If everything goes well we will have the Mini-Ransel in stock, all 4 colors, in January. 

We also met some issues regarding the next batch of our KAOS Ransel:
1) While in production, we discovered the nude leather to be different from what we had ordered. That means the nude leather will have to be produced all over hence the marsala and khaki-version will be delayed.

2) We noticed the khaki-version has got a different tone that the previous khaki tone. The khaki has a nice green tone to it, while this one is more beige. In order to avoid misunderstandings, this batch of "khaki" will be presented as a limited edition of "beige". And beige is still very nice ;-) The original khaki-version will be restocked in 2016.

Bottom line: Don't worry. We have a plan, and it's a good one. We're sorry to all that is waiting for a Mini-Ransel and a KAOS Ransel in marsala and the "original khaki version" - we appreciate your understanding.