Bully kids

Bully kids

"Barna i Bakkebygrenda" is a Swedish television series written by Astird Lindgren. It's about a bunch of kids of all ages living in a small hamlet in Sweden. The series shows the kids out on different adventures, and they are constantly stepping over board doing things they are not allowed to.

KAOS Mini-Ransel is inspired by the darling kids in Bakkebygrenda. It is designed to sit put when the kids are out on adventures. Whether they hit the bikes or climbs the wall, the Mini-Ransel fits comfortably on the back and is fastened with an adjustable chest buckle. 

These pictures are taken at Rodeløkka in Oslo by Aksel Jermstad (@ByAksel). We found the atmosphere that we believe represent KAOS Mini-Ransel, and the kids thought it was super cool to get to run around on a small adventure in the heart of Oslo.

Let kids be kids

Astrid Lindgren wrote this series because it reminded her of her own childhood. We feel the same. We recognize the characters through our own kids. Kids are kids, whether the year is 1947 or 2016. They have their own opinions and love being out and about doing things on their terms.

Hennie is 2 years and tougher than most. She refuses having anyone messing with her hair. And her red boots are always with her. During the photoshoot she had them on, even though it was 20 degrees and sunny weather! Hennie loves to wear Mini-Ransel and her her favorite is the blue.

Hennie is wearing striped shirt and jeans overall, both from H&M.
Red boots from Le Chameau. Dotted shoes fom H&M.

Nora is 4 years. She loves being a princess, but it doesn't beat clothes and effects of Batman. Batman is THE superhero. Nobody touches her sunglasses. Nobody.

Nora is wearing Batman T-shirt and yellow shoes from H&M. Skirt from DOLLY by Le Petit Tom. 

Jon Wu is 3 years. He is a calm and cool guy with lots of twinkle in his eye. He seems innocent at first but will always persuade as soon as he sees the other kids do some pranks. Jon Wu love his sunglasses. And he prefers the khaki version!

Jon Wu is wearing jeans shirt from Lindex. Jeans from unknown. Shoes from New Balance.

Tobias is 5 years and the given herd leader because he is the oldest. Starting school is namely his big goal in life, and when he starts school he will use Mini-Ransel during his first year. Tobias uses the black Mini-Ransel every single day in pre-school and on holidays. He especially likes that there is a zip pocket in front of where he can keep a little toy and his sunglasses. It's his secret room!

Tobias is wearing Levi's Regular fit, Adidas sneakers and t-shirt from H&M.