The best way to complain, is to make things

The best way to complain, is to make things

It's true. And for that reason, we felt the urge to establish KAOS a few years back.

There are so many things we want to improve, re-do, make better change or invent. We have so many ideas that it sometimes drives us crazy. We truly want to make beautiful products that in addition have a smartness or an underlying function. 

The hopscotch rug is one such thing. There are endlessly many rugs that look nice. Even beautiful rugs. Even if we could, I'm nor sure if we'd want to compete with all the current ones out there. But there are not that many rugs "that are good for you". There are mainly two reasons why we went on an made the hopscotch rug:

It looks awesome with its cut-out shape and minimalist look. 

It helps encourage kids gros motor skills, like balance and coordination. And with all the iPads and tablets in the house it's great to have a rug that makes you move.

We tend to find inspiration in nostalgic happenings and things from we were kids ourselves, and the hopscotch rug is no different. We grew up playing the hopscotch game and we want to pass on the tradition to our kids. It doesn't matter how many ipads or Netflix shows they have available, they still love to play with the basic things we had when we were little. 

Our kids play the hopscotch game everyday. It's become tradition before they go to sleep, we always have a little contest out in the hallway. They love it. I love it. We're having fun, moving, spending time together. 

Plus it looks super nice in the hallway and I tend to jump a little myself everytime I pass.

KAOS Paradishopp, SEK 599,-

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