The game is changing. And you win.

The game is changing. And you win.

Folks, we have evaluated our first year in business. We're implementing some changes. And then the fun begins!

For over a year we managed KAOS next to other demanding full-time jobs. I was in a digital advertising agency and Mette in one of the largest media houses in Norway. I'll be honest and say It was tough. But KAOS grew, and so did we. We've learned incredible much since our launch in 2015 and we are ready as can be and ecstatic to take on KAOS further. Mette and I have left our other jobs so we can focus only on KAOS, KAOS philosophy and new products and services. 

What's next?

We knew from the beginning that we priced our products too low compared to traditional retailing, but we've always meant for our online store to be the most important sales channel. That's why we let physical stores eat of our profits so that you as a KAOS customer can pay as little as possible. Truth is, physical stores could potentially put an end to KAOS. 

So what to do when you're standing on the edge of the cliff? Do you choose to increase the retail price significantly so you can grow sales in physical stores, or do you stand steady, place your bet and follow your heart? We have invested everything we have and feel like we're standing more stable than ever. We are opening up our brand to give you full insight into our pricing model and our philosophy. We wont increase prices, we will be increasing our focus online. And we are launching "Johnny-on-the-spot" that will give you the best deals ever. To get your hands on Johnny and other perks you must "join the KAOS".

We will still maintain distribution in selected physical shops to let our customers have the opportunity to see and feel our products. We consider it marketing rather than profitable money-wize. That being said, we are super proud of the retailers we are already in. You will find a complete list of our retailers here.

Read all about our philosophy and your benefits. We launch 3 new products in the next two months. Let me just say: Johnny should be ready.