Good bye blue, welcome gray

Good bye blue, welcome gray

The blue KAOS changing bag has been a favourite for a long time, and for ourselves included. It has a nostalgic and Norwegian expression that is hard not to like. However, change is good. Therefore, we have decided that the blue KAOS changing bag will go out of stock for a little while. 

We could envisage making KAOS Changing bag in such an infinite variety of colours. It would look awesome in dark green, olive green or even in ocher or deep plum ... the list goes on. Unfortunately, we can only choose a few options at a time. We are still quite small and don't have the capital to have all colours in stock at all times. Therefore, someone has to go to make room for new ones.

As blue goes, gray comes in. We have longed for a gray and nude KAOS backback and finally we can welcome it to the collection with KAOS changing bags. The gray KAOS bag is a breath of fresh air to the collection. It reminds us of brighter summernights and is perfect for long summer strolls with the baby :)

So: The gray KAOS changing bag is limited edition and will be replacing the blue bag for a while. For autumn we must decide whether we should continue with gray, or take back the blue. Or maybe make a completely different colour? Please help us decide! Send us your wishes, what colour would you like to see the Ransel in?

The gray changing bag has so far got crazily good response. 50 gray Ransels were snatched on-the-spot at a scanty hour. Gray KAOS Ransel is now available to pre-order. It will be in stock on 5. May and we'll start shipping immediately.