Hopscotch rug for kids

Hopscotch rug for kids

Welcome to Memory Lane! Help us pass down tradition and teach your kids how to play hopscotch with this monochrome, minimalist hopscotch rug!

We want kids rugs to be more than just a pretty accessory. That's why we add smartness to our kids rugs. KAOS Hopscotch rug encourages to play while it helps kids develop their gross motor skills.

We developed the KAOS Hopscotch Rug to teach our kids the same games we played when we were little. We never had a hopcotch rug but we played hopscotch outdoors during summer. With the KAOS hopscotch rug we can bring the game inside and even play during winter times. 

The KAOS hopscotch rug has clean lines and a monochrome look and easy to combine with any other color details you might already have in the room. A hopscotch rug looks fantastic in a kids room and it also helps develop their balance and coordination. However, even though it's a hopscotch rug it's not childish with its monochrome look. This hopscotch rug can be just as decorative in any room but the kids room. The KAOS hopscotch rug works super in a hallway for instance - it tends to make anyone jump if they get the chance to! 

KAOS Hopscotch rug is perfect for both boys and girls.