Hopscotch rug with modern twist

Hopscotch rug with modern twist

KAOS Hopscotch rug is minimalist and super cool. The hopscotch rug is 170 cm long x 90 cm at the widest which means this hopscotch rug can easily be put not only as a hopscotch rug in the kid's room, this hopscotch rug is perfect for any room in a modern home. How about having a hopscotch rug in the hallway? I assure you: anyone passing the hopscotch rug will have to jump :)

Or why not have a hopscotch rug in the kitchen? I mean, who said dishes had to be boring. A hopscotch rug makesit fun do work in the kitchen.

Our hopscotch rug is also smart because it encourages to play. You'll never get too old for a hopscotch rug, in fact anyone could benefit from a little movement during the day. That's why the hopscotch rug is also convenient to have a work, for instance!

Place a hopscotch rug on a place where your colleagues are passing regularly. A hopscotch rug will make their walk more playful! 

What's your creative ways of using the hopscotch rug? We'd love to see :)