What's in your diaper bag?

What's in your diaper bag?

All together we have 4 children under the age of five. KAOS Ransel baby changing bag is a result of our experience as moms being out and about with our kids. We've put our effort in developing a functional backpack with large capacity to fit everything you need. KAOS Ransel baby changing bag contains 14.5 liters and has 8 pockets strategically placed to help you get organized.

When moving around or traveling with small children there are some things that should always be included in the changing bag. We have created a must-have-list for you with what we believe is essential to pack in your baby changing bag.
Extra pacifier

The pacifier has been very important for our kids, and pacifiers tend to disappear. KAOS Ransel has a separate pacifier pocket placed inside by the top of the bag which makes it easy to locate the pacifier when you need it. It's also nice to keep the pacifiers for themselves to avoid dirt and stuff. 

Diapers and wipes / dry wipes

You rather want som extra diapers than to few! You never know if your plans change and you want to be farther away than originally planned, or the little intend to do their entire daily dose during a trip to the grocery store.

Extra change the baby

You never know when an accident happens. But it happens! Bring extra clothes. Always. 


Quite often you'll have to change diaper somewhere else than in a restroom. It's nice with a little antibac, trust me. 

Changing Mat

A cushioned changing mad comes with every KAOS Ransel baby changing bag. A smart tip is to always keep a disposable changing mat near by. Then it's always ready to use, and you do not have to think about washing the changing mat every single day.

Baby cream

Them little baby bums need some extra nourishing cream. KAOS Ransel comes with a separate clutch, perfect to keep for such bits and pieces. 


Swaddles. You need several of them. They are also perfect when breast feeding if you want to avoid exposing the entire breast =)


I experienced being extremely thirsty every time I nursed, and I was entirely dependent on having water nearby. Keep a water bottle it in one of the side pockets. 

Feeding bottle and formula milk 

If you don't breast feed you'll need to bring more food and formula milk. KAOS Ransel baby changing bag has bottle pockets both interior and exterior.

Food, smoothie and "snacks"

An impatient baby immediately becomes more patient when it gets something to chew on. A good, healthy snack can save any chaotic situation. Lifesaver!

Lipp balm

Just because it's so damn troublesome with dry lips.

Play / teddy bear / rattle

Anything that can entertain a baby. Always bring the favourite toy to avoid the extra melt down. 

These are the most necessary things we recommend to pack in your baby changing bag. We made you a little video to demonstrate the capacity in our KAOS Ransel. Make sure to choose "texted version" to have it all in English.