KAOS Weekender bag

KAOS Weekender bag

We often ask our followers for feedback and input as we develop new products. Sometimes we even ask: What should we develop next? Last time we asked many of you said "Please make a goodlooking, smart KAOS weekender bag!!" Well, we listened. We made it. In June we'll be launching KAOS Weekender bag, a gorgeous looking, smart acting bag that is designed to travel with you and your kids.

We've actually missed a cool weekender bag ourselves that is designed to travel with kids. A bag that helps ease the packing without looking like an idiot carrying it around. When travelling today we always end up with the same sports bag in black nylon. Such sports bags are not particularly attractive, but they are convenient because they can be worn on the back. Besides that, the problem with these sports bags is that it's quite impossible to keep track of the content. The bags have one large compartment that mixes our clothes with the kids clothes. We truly hate that.

When developing KAOS Weekender bag we have focused on covering the needs we believe are essential in a weekender bag when travelling with (and without, for that matter) kids:

1. It has flexible interior compartments that makes it easy to organize content (our clothes / children's clothing, dirty / clean clothes).

2. It can be carried on the back, so we can keep our arms free.

3. It has easy access from the outside, the entire top lid can be opened fully. In addition there is a convenient outside pocket for small items such as passports, mobile and wallet.

4. It is spacious without exceeding requirements and dimensions for hand luggage on airplanes.

5. KAOS Weekender looks awesome. No more sports bag. You'll wear KAOS Weekender and both look and feel great.

KAOS Weekender bag is inspired by old military bags (you'll need the look when you go on trips with your little army). KAOS Weekender is made of robust cotton canvas, buffalo leather and custom details in brass.

KAOS Weekender bag has flexible internal compartments which make it possible to customize the bag for your needs; You can build & choose between

- One large compartment

- Two medium compartments

- One medium-sized and two small compartments

The compartments in KAOS Weekender bag builds easilyup and down. KAOS Weekender bag also has a pocket at the top lid which is convenient for the things you need easy access to when you're on the go.

KAOS Weekender bag can be worn as a backpack. It's important to have your hands free for other things (there's almost always an accident to avoid when the kids are around, isn't it!) It also has a robust handle on top and one on the side that allows for various carrying options. Plus you can hang it up; You don't really need to unpack when you're on vacation: Pack systematically and hang it up, you have a portable closet with you on tour.

The first batch of KAOS Weekender bags are in production. We decided to start with a delicious green military canvas combined with nude / natural leather and brass details. We simply fell in love with this combo and think you will do the same =)

KAOS Weekender bag is available on-the-spot at the end of March and will be available from our webshop from May / June.


kaos weekender bag