KEM forgot a notebook??

KEM forgot a notebook??

(KEM means "who" in Norwegian, fyi. Important to know :-)

Hear hear! Things are happening over here. Someone have forgotten a KEM notebook in Studio KAOS. It testifies an important meeting that recently took place, a meeting that unites a harmonious cooperation between two parts with intention to lift Norwegian design to new heights. Literally. Approximately 2 meters up to be more accurate. Say what??

We have previously revealed a collaboration we have going on with Ole Petter Wullum, a crazily cool project funded by Innovation Norway, which we're currently about to start prototyping. If you know us you know we have difficulties sitting still, and since our collaboration with Ole Petter involves some sitting down, we felt the urge to start yet another awesome project.

The first clue on #KEMeiernotatboken is: It does not belong to Ole Petter :P

Stay tuned as we get closer to reveal #KEMeiernotatboken. We promise 2017 will bring news, good friends. 2017 will certainly bring some news :D