Kids backpack for the smallest ones

Kids backpack for the smallest ones

In Norway kids start kindergarten usually around one years old. What is important when choosing a backpack for the smallest ones?

Mikkel in the pictures below is 1 1/2 years old. He started kindergarten when he was one year old, but they don't carry the bag to much until they're 2-3 years. The biggest reason for him to have a kids backpack is to have a place to put his lunch box, drinking bottle and extra clothes. Besides he LOVES having his own backpack. 

KAOS Mini-Ransel kids bakcpack contains 8.5 liters. It's developed to grow with your child, so you can use it throughout kindergarten. It is easy to adjust chest buckle so it is suitable for kids up to 6 year olds. The backpack comes with a sitting pad placed towards the back, and when not being sit on it provides comfortable padding. 

The bottom of the Mini-Ransel is waterproof so it will take no harm if you (note: the kids) put it on a wet surface :-)

Generally Mini-Ransel can withstand weather elements. It is made of waxed canvas and imitation leather. It may also be machine washed. Admittedly the wax will be washed out, if you want to keep the waxed finish you should treat it with wax (spray) after machine wash.

Mikkel is very fond of his Mini-Ransel and wears it happily whenever he can. He's a funky little guy, isn't he?