Kidsroom inspiration

Kidsroom inspiration

A few weeks ago we posted on Instagram, looking for ambassadors for some of our products. We received more than 150 photos from people who wanted to contribute, from Norway and abroad. OMG so much fun! There were many great contributions. We quickly found a few favourites and below you can see some pictures from them, featuring our Gjesp bed sets and Vimpel-pockets.

@cathrinehenden was one we wanted to have on board. We sent her KAOS Gjesp organic bedlinen and Vimpel-pockets peach so she could decorate Jennys new room. Jenny obviously needs a new backpack (haha). Thanks for nice pictures Cathrine!

@Jannicke87 was also among our favorites, what a home! We "found" Jannicke for the first time as we discovered she had a KAOS Ransel that she tagged in some photos way back. Since then we have been captivated. Jannicke got KAOS Gjesp organic bedlinen and matching Vimpel-pockets peach for little Alexandra. Delighted to see how it all fits her home. Thanks Jannicke!

KAOS Gjesp organic bedlinen and Vimpel-pockets in mint can be found in the lovely home of our dear @Juliehole. Julie has tested all KAOS products from beginning to end. Regarding the bed set and pennants she says "little brother slept sweetly in the lovely bed set and his pacifiers are safely collected in pockets on the practical pennant series!". We love to see our products in this delighted home in Bergen <3

KAOS Gjesp organic bedlinen and Vimpel-pockets in mint also caters exceptionally well over at @mitt_paradis. "I like when beautiful design can be combined with good solutions" says Trine. We like the color combinations in your home, we say. Nice! Thanks so much for lovely styling :-)

KAOS Vimpel-pockets in peach are being used creatively in the superfreshe home of graphic designer and stylist @Aimforhappiness. Follow her feed, and you will be i n s p i r e r e d ! Thanks for sharing, we AWE your unique kidsroom!

KAOS Gjesp, organic bed linen and Vimpel-pockets in lemon are also being used by our founders. These are from Mettes home, chief designer of our KAOS products. The idea for KAOS Vimpel-Pockets came after numerous nights lying flat on the floor in the kids room in desperate search of the pacifier. Finally we have Vimpel-pockets in the house, and we know perfectly where to find Mikkels pacifiers. And best of all: so knows Mikkel :-)