Modern wall bars - update

Modern wall bars - update

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In May, our modern wall-bars, KAOS Endless, appeared on Norwegian TV for the first time. KAOS was one of 15 Norwegian founders followed by a camera team over a short period of time, and it was our collaboration with the outstanding product designers in Permafrost that was being documented.

To show a new, upcoming product on TV was a real "carrot and stick" that made us work extra efficiently to perform in a very short period of time. Trust me, we are always effective. But we never have to that fast! Since May we have managed to get our breath back and we have found a super manufacturer in Northern Europe. We had to go through 3 different manufacturers before we found the right one. It took some time, but we are very pleased with the outcome.


In week 35, we are waiting for the first samples from our manufacturer so we can assess various qualities. We need to consider a few different types of wood against each other before we can move on as it will impact on future developments. Oak is, for example, a lot more expensive than Beech, and somewhere in between you find Ash. Different wood also vary widely in tone and expression and this must be correct befor we proceed.

In the meantime, we have begun the pursuit of the right supplier of end brackets and all the plastic parts. And we have prepared the production of the screws we need to develop in order to attach the modules of KAOS Endless to the wall. These screws are quite long and they are not available from stock.

To be honest, there is nothing of what we develop that are available from. That means we must develop even the smallest detail from scratch, and it takes a little longer. But at the end it will be much nicer :-)

The way forward

Deciding on what tree and quality to move on with should go fast, we already have a clear idea. We cross our fingers for the process with the plastic parts to go as quickly as the process with the screws. Once everything is in place the manufacturer will make a so-called "zero series". The zero series will be tested for certification according to European standards. This is very important when developing products for use by children, it gives both us and the consumers the confidence that the product is safe to use and up to standards.  

Such certification will be carried out at an institute in Denmark, and we must assume that it can take up to 30 days to complete. The certification is like as an EU approval we have to run on cars every year; If you come across points that need to be fixed, they will be fixed. As soon as KAOS Endeløs meets certification, we will start production.

In between we will also develop the accessories; Desktop, boxes, textile shelves with and without leather details, you name it. We travel to our manufacturers in India in October to attend some of these processes.

The goal is still to have KAOS Endleløs ready for sale before Christmas. The response so far has been overwhelming, thank you very much for all the good feedback. It's obvious that many of you want a modern version of the wall bars! 

We keep up the work as never before and keep you informed as soon as we have a new update. Meanwhile, If you have questions just send us an email.

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