Mompreneurs, #1: Dyveke Cappelen Beugnet

Mompreneurs, #1: Dyveke Cappelen Beugnet

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In this series we feature girls, women and mamas who have dared to believe in themselves. It takes guts to follow a dream. But it is so important we do! And it's a little easier to believe in yourself when you hear about others who have made it. Therefore, we present a series of inspirational women. This is our little salute to the ladies behind the hard work with the wish that you too can be inspired to follow your own dream.

The first lady out is Dyveke who started and runs the beautiful brand Lilli & Leopold. We met Dyveke when she exhibited her collection on our monthly Pop-up event "Lønningsmelk" in March. Lilli & Leopold make lovely wool for baby and children. And we think it was cool that she made something other than just light blue and pale pink; Lilli & Leopold offer vivid stripes, even black and gray wool for the smallest ones! That's rather rare, and we love that.

We wanted to know a little more about how Dyveke thinks it is to be working with her own brand.

1. How did you start with what you do today?

After I had children, I missed a woolen underwear that was functional, sustainable and aesthetic. This was not on the market. When I graduated from a clothing designer, I took the case in my own hands.

2. What has been most challenging so far? Do you have tips for others who want to start up their own machine?

The biggest challenge has been motivation in tough times. Working for yourself alone, without support, has sometimes been difficult. Unfortunately, I say we live in a heavy-row country for many suspects. Should you start for yourself, make sure you find an environment / network you are comfortable with.

3. Name 3 good reasons for loving your job.

I love challenges (though not economical;)) I love meeting new people, traveling, and most importantly. Being able to see thoughts ideas, sketches and kills a lot of work come alive and become a finished product.

4. Some highlights in the near future that can be mentioned?

I am currently working on a new collection for A / W 18. Here I have challenged myself a little and focus on some new qualities. We are looking forward to seeing what's new from Lilli & Leopold.

We bought the wool linen from Lilli & Leopold ourself, both the kids and we are super pleased. The quality is extremely good. Yet a new season of winter is waiting and we need more wool for the kids so we'll be coming for Lilly&Leopold again. All we want now is a collection for us adults too, Dyveke! Bring it on.