New batches!

New batches!

We are now waiting for our 5th batch of KAOS Ransler to hit stock. When we launched KAOS in 2015 our manufacturer was in China, later we moved the production to India. For each batch we have made some adjustments, because it takes time to find any weaknesses in a product and it is always necessary to keep developing. That's why we always take small bastches so that we have the opportunity to assess whether something should be adjusted or improved.

Thanks to all of you who give us feedback we are able to adjust and optimize each and every time. The last batch is super good!

We have made the following changes from the previous batch:

- Loop under the lid is replaced with a durable leather hem

- The cotton canvas is treated with UV protection to prevent fading

- The metal has been changed from matt brass to shiny brass (just because it is so darn nice with the blue and plum color)

- The pacifier pocket has become twice as big (for several pacifiers :-)

- New logo label. We needed a change!