The worlds most flexible wall-bars system

The worlds most flexible wall-bars system

Norwegian versjon? Klikk her. We have been working on an exciting project the last six months. And we're ready to show you the result. Guys, check out KAOS Endeløs, the world's most flexible wall-bar system!

KAOS Endeløs is inspired by the traditional wall-bars we had at home when we were young. 30 years later we got children of our own and we want the wall-bars back. But in a more modern sense. That's why we are developing a new version of the wall-bars that both our kids and we can enjoy. KAOS Endeløs is designed for modern homes, not the gym.

We love the concept of "wall-bars". Wall-bars are cool and iconic with its Scandinavian origin, and they're great because they motivate play while developing the child's gross motor skills. We have given the wall-bars a makeover and while doing so we have made it extremely versatile. KAOS Endeløs is based on modules that you can mount and build the way you want and it comes with a bunch of custom-made accessories. KAOS Endeløs grows with the family and adapts to new phases. 

The modules can be mounted just as you want: over each other or next to each other. The accessories we develop can be easily hooked or snapped or on and off. Easy to manage, even for dummies. 

KAOS Endeløs - the worlds most flexible wall-bar system from KAOS ® on Vimeo.

We have spent the last 6 months developing prototypes. Thanks to funding from Innovation Norway we are ready to start production and we are currently in the process of finding the right manufacturer in Europe before they go ahead and create thei first sample. We expect this process of sampling + having KAOS Endeløs certified at Teknologisk Institut in Denmark to take around 3-4 months. Then we will be ready to start production of the first bulk. 

The funds we have received from Innovation Norway cover costs relating to the sampling, patent application and preparations for launch. We still need to get more funds to start the production of KAOS Endeløs first bulk order. Fortunately, there are crowdfunding and pre-orders.

We will open for pre-orders in a short period of time. In addition, we will launch KAOS Endeløs at Kickstarter. We encourage you to support the project either by pre-ordering from our own website as soon as it is available or by backing KAOS Endeløs on Kickstarter. This is important, guys!

Everyone who contribute to start bulk production will of course get a special price and be one of the very first ones to receive KAOS Endeløs as soon as the first bulk is ready later this year. We are currently calculating costs in dialogue with our manufacturer, once the costs are set the pre-orders are open. 

KAOS Endeløs is expected to be available from autumn / winter 2017. We appreciate you sharing and caring! 

KAOS Endeløs is a collaboration with Permafrost Designstudio. The product is Patent Pending.