KAOS <3 Ulla

Ulla is expecting her first child. She's got 4 weeks till due date and she feels more than ready to pop. Everything is in place but the hospital bag so it's about time KAOS come to the rescue.

Hospital bag: check!

There’s a lot of nerves and excitement building up as you’re closing in on your big day: The Birth. Like Ulla, you’ve probably prepared a beautiful kid’s room, and all the new baby gear is well in place long before the baby comes. And nothing was missing at Ullas’, she was all set. However, at this stage in her pregnancy she was more into eating wheat buns than preparing her hospital bag, so we knew we had to come to the rescue.

We know Ulla loves interiors and trends. Overall she’s a very style-conscious person, and with great taste, if I might add. For one thing, she didn’t feel she was in a hurry to pack the hospital bag yet and secondly, she wasn’t sure what to pack or what to pack in.

That’s where KAOS get into the picture: The KAOS Weekend Bag is simply the perfect hospital bag to fit everything you and your baby need for the first days after birth. It even fits essntials for daddy if he’ll be staying in the hospital too! Check out the video to see what we packed.

Ullas’ hospital bag

  • Comfortable clothes for herself (joggers, singlets and nursing tops). Ulla even packed extra shift for her boyfriend – what a motherly instinct <3
  • Baby blankets (One in wool and one in cotton)
  • Slippers (for the shower)
  • Soft toilet paper (she heard the hospital had rough toilet paper).
  • Baby wipes
  • Breast pads
  • Nursing bras
  • Breastfeeding shield (heard that someone needs it)
  • Pacifier
  • Bottle
  • Camera
  • Charger for camera and mobile
  • Baby clothes (three bodies and pants)
  • A little swaddle rabbit for the baby
  • Books (Ulla, we doubt you get time to read!)
  • Energy bar (But THIS you’ll need!)
  • Toiletries
  • Nipple cream (Purelan, for both sore nipples and dry lips)

Ulla is ready! We are looking forward to hearing how the birth went and whether she had brought everything she needed in the hospital bag.

The perfect hospital bag

It has 1-3 compartments inside so you can easily keep track of the contents. The weekend bag is designed as a backpack so you can have your arms free when carrying which is great when carrying your baby home from the hospital. It is even cabin size and holds 40 liters. It has an exterior sleeve-pocket and a handy carry-on-handle.

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