Go Green Klapp Bundle
Go Green Klapp Bundle
Go Green Klapp Bundle
Go Green Klapp Bundle
Go Green Klapp Bundle
Go Green Klapp Bundle
Go Green Klapp Bundle
Go Green Klapp Bundle
Go Green Klapp Bundle

Go Green Klapp Bundle

Go green! This total Klapp Green Bundle saves you 20% on Klapp Pale Green + Klapp Babyseat & Klapp Tray/Rail made from recycled fishnet.

- High chair for the entire childhood
- The chair comes ready assembled
- No adjustment is needed
- Babyseat for Newborn-9 kg
- Safety Rail for kids 0-36 months
- Easy to keep clean

- Junior Harness (up to 36 months) can be bought separately, as well as Junior Cushion Sets.

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Om produktet

The KAOS foldable high chair will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen furniture. Its foldable design makes it a great space saver that's perfectly portable too. The fixed ladder is also unique; The child gets ergonomic and active seating, resting the legs naturally at the different steps as they grow. The ladders also allows the child to climb up and down the KAOS Klapp high chair on their own, with a great feeling of mastery.

KAOS Klapp high chair comes ready assembled in the box. Just unfold the chair, click the seat into locking position and it's ready to use. It's easy to keep clean due to its smooth and solid finish. KAOS Klapp is designed by award-winning Norwegian product designer Ole Petter Wullum for KAOS. For important information regarding ergonomics and safety, read on.

What's in the bundle?

1 x Klapp folding high chair, pale green
1 x Klapp babyseat, made from recycled fishnet
1 x set of Slippers
1 x Safety Rail, made from recycled fishnet
1 x Tray, made form recycled fishnet

Dimensjoner Sammenlagt (hxdxb) 96x13x45,5 cm Utslått (hxdxb) 81x60x45,5 cm Setehøyde (fra gulv) 54 cm Sete (bxd) 34x22 cm
Renhold Tørk med en ren, fuktig mikrofiber-klut
Sertifiseringer EN 14988:2017+A1:2020 EN 71 EN 71-3
Vekt 5 kg 110 kg toleranse
Go Green Klapp Bundle

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