Muslin Coral 3 pck
Muslin Coral 3 pck
Coral pink

Muslin Coral 3 pck

3 pack of soft muslin clothes in beautiful colors. You can never get enough muslins! Made from 100% bamboo.

24.50 USD 35.00 USD -30%
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You'll use a muslin when you are breast or bottle-feeding to wipe milk away from the baby's mouth and clean up any spit-up. Given how often a newborn feeds (sometimes it feels like constantly), you'll need a lot of muslins.

Muslins are also great to use to wrap or swaddle your baby, to replace a comforting toy, and when burping your baby.

You can even use muslins to cover the changing mat. Easy to clean, and they dry very fast.

Bottom line; you'll need a whole lot of muslins.

Muslin Coral 3 pck

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