Inspired by old army bags KAOS Weekend bag is developed to travel with you and your little army! It is made from robust canvas with details in cow leather and custom made hardware.

KAOS Weekend bag is cabin size and carries as a backpack to keep your hands free, a huge advantage when you travel with kids. It has a practical grip leather handle on the side.

You can open the Weekend bag from the top which is very convenient - it lets you access the KAOS Weekend bag even though it is neatly placed in a flight cabin. 

KAOS weekend bag is highly flexible. You can choose to pack in either one large compartment, two medium sized compartments or two small and one medium sized compartments. Simply tie the compartments how it suits you. 

Measurement: 31x22x55 (Cabin size)

Materials: Recycled PET (Post concumer bottles) and natural leather.