When purchasing a KAOS product you can be sure the product has been produced under safe circumstances. We spend a lot of time finding the right supplier and we always make sure the factories we work with have all the below certificates. Furthermore, as part of our effort to make sure production is executed the best way possible, all our factories started working under the NICE code of conduct as from 2016.  

When launching KAOS in 2015 we sought help from an agent in Norway that had an extended network in China and could help us get startet with the production. This cooperation lasted about a year until we had the possibility to manage the entire production ourselves. In the process of taking over production ourselves, we decided to move our business over to India. With canvas and leather being some of our main ingredients, it would help increase the quality of KAOS products as India truly knows canvas and leather. 

We feel fortuned to have managed to establish a solid network with reliable partners in India. Even though KAOS is a small brand, we're proud to work with professional factories and partners that have well-known, leading brands on their client list. 

KAOS is located in Norway, and we don't have the possibility to fly over to India every time somethings going on. That's why we work with what is known as a "sourcing agency". Think of it as our project manager and advisor over in India. We have two highly competent resources dedicated to supporting and helping us out with any minor or major thing. We speak several times a week on mail or Skype, and it's nothing but a fantastic way of working. They basically feel like family as we're interacting so frequently. 

Our main factory is located in Noida, India. They specialize in canvas and leather and are producing our Ransel, Mini-Ransel and Samlesak as from 2016. We are using a third supplier for hardware, also located in India. Our sourcing agency helps manage all processes and productions. They execute quality controls and guarantees the productions are up to expectations. Finally they help organize shipping of our bulk productions in close collaboration with ourselves and our freight courier, until we the goods safely lands in our warehouses in Norway and Sweden. 

The cooperation between Norway and India is working out excellent. Believe it or not, the culture is actually quite similar even though we are living on opposite sides on mother Earth. We find that pretty awesome :-) 

NICE Code of conduct

Counting from 2016, as part of our initiative for safe production to our environment and safe work environment for the employees, KAOS is proud to be operating with the NICE code of conduct. This is an important initiative for anyone operating in the textile and fashion industry as the NICE code of conduct assures that the employees as well as our environment are being treated the best way.  All our suppliers have to agree to our NICE code of conduct in order to work with KAOS. 

Feel free to download and read the NICE code of conduct here

REACH and Oeko Tex

All our factories and partners have to be REACH certified and meets Oeko Tex standards. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances) is a legislation from the EU-commission that aims to assure that 100 000 different types of chemicals used within the EU, are documented with regard to the safety of people and the environment. 

GOTS - ecologic textiles

As we develop new products, we will continue to look for and assure the quality of new factories that meet our needs and requirements. We have already found a new partner that will produce organic bedding for KAOS. This factory is GOTS certified. Global Organic Textile Standard is an international labeling scheme for organic textiles.