As a thank you to all who support us we offer some perks in return. These perks are only available to those who have signed up and Joined the KAOS.

Get to know everything first and be involved

Ideas, sketches, and feedback. We share our work when we start thinking of new products because you and we often think alike. We're all parents. This helps us to create the best products. Additionally, we give you the best deals:

KAOS-on-the-spot is all about being in the right place at the right time. We notify you when we start production of a new product. The next few days you'll have the opportunity to buy the product to cost-of-goods (the price we pay to produce the goods). That means up to -50% of KAOS price! We'll send you a unique code to a secret shop. The first to redeem the codes in the shopping cart are the lucky ones to be on-the-spot. Delivery time is simply the time it takes to actually produce and ship them over (from 1-4 months, depending on the complexity of the product) but as you know: good things comes to those who wait. 



We also share things that inspire us. We seek far for inspiration and come across great content from around the world that we share with you. Things worth a glance.