How long is the shipping to my country?

Shipping to US, Canada and Japan is normally 4 days.
Shipping within EU is normally 2-3 days.

Shipping within Sweden is normally 1-2 days.

Is there any other fees or costs that applies?

In EU, all VAT is included already, no other fees will apply.
For US, Canada and Japan: Import VAT will apply.
This is out of our control and we're sorry we cannot help calculate what import fees you will be asked to pay as it goes through customs to your country. 

Will the KAOS Ransel fit strollers for twins (like the Bugaboo Donkey)?

Yes. The adjustable strap will fit a Bugaboo Donkey just fine. 

How much volume can the Ransel carry?

The Ransel is developed to take 14 litres volum + a separate clutch. There is numerous departments and pockets to keep the content organized. 

Are KAOS products water proof?

The Ransel is coated with a thin layer of PU (Polyurethane) o the inside to remain water repellent and help protect the content when it starts to rain. However, if it's pouring and you're out for a longer period, you will discover it is not water proof. 

The Samlesak is also coated with a thin layer of PU (Polyurethane) to remain water repellent for outdoor use. However, it's not a tarpaulin and if you place it directly on wet surface, it will probably get wet all the way through.

You should impregnate the Ransel to make it withstand water even better. Impregnating with UV filter also helps prevent fading of color. 

The Mini-Ransel is treated with wax in order to resist water even better. We recommend to treat the Mini-Ransel with wax (spray) every now and then to maintain a high level of wax.

The elastic band broke. What to do?

The Ransel and The Mini-Ransel both has an elastic band under the lid for keeping the lid in place when closed, keeping 14 litres of volume. However, the elastic band is not meant to hold the lid if the bag is overstuffed – too much preasure on the elastic band might cause it to snap.

If it snaps, we recommend to make a button hole in the leather crossing the lid. The button whole should only be a nice little cut rather than removing any leather. Make sure to stitch all the way around to prevent the leather from tearing. The cut should be max. 2 cm long. Close the lid using the K-button:

 The fabric has faded.How can I fix this?

Cotton canvas is a natural fabric. That means it will be affected by sun and light, just like leather. That means the color will fade over time and the parts that are more exposed to the sun will fade the most. To prevent fading, you should impregnate the canvas with UV-spray from the very beginning. Repeat on regular basis. Once faded, there's no way to undo the fading.