Organic bed set baby
Organic bed set baby
Organic bed set baby
Organic bed set baby

Organic bed set baby

Super soft bed set in organic cotton to provide the best possible sleep.

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About the product

Bed set in super soft, organic cotton. The set consists of a duvet cover and pillow case. It's designes to be folded so you can stuff the duvet with some sleepover essentials, fold and tie the duvet into a little carry-all.

Dimensions Baby: 70x100 cm / 45x45 cm Junior: 100x140 / 45x45 cm
Materials 100% Organic cotton
organisk bomull sengesett barn

Wrap it up

KAOS Gjesp bed linen turn into a little sleepover bag with a fold-and-tie exercise. Place the pillow and their essentials (a teddy bear, pyjamas and their favourite book) onto the duvet before you fold and tie it together and you got yourself a little bag.


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Our pennants are more than decorative; each pennant is a pocket, perfect for keeping track of pacifiers, baby bottles and other knits that always get lost.

Organic bed set baby

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