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Foldable high chair
Foldable high chair

Foldable high chair

Klapp is a beautiful, foldable high chair that lasts the entire childhood. Awarded best-in-test of premium high chairs. This is the Beech Natural version.

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About the product

KAOS Klapp without safety rail for kids 36 months - to 8 years. Kids under 36 months is recommended to use the Safety Rail.

Klapp is a foldable high chair is an innovation in its category; it folds into 13 cm and lasts throughout childhood without having to adjust anything.

KAOS Klapp high chair's fixed ladder is also unique. The ladders invite the child to climb up and down the KAOS Klapp highchair on their own. At the same time, the child gets an ergonomic and comfortable seating. The legs rest naturally at the different steps as they grow.

KAOS Klapp high chair for children comes ready assembled. Just unfold the chair and it's ready for use. It is very easy to keep clean due to it's smooth and solid finish.

KAOS Klapp is designed by our friend and award winning Product Designer Ole Petter Wullum for KAOS.

Foldable high chair