KAOS er testet og anmeldt av @saschanielsenn

Sascha er travel mor til to små barn, bosatt i Aarhus, Danmarks nest største by. Familien på fire bor i et mindre hjem, så hun er alltid på utkikk etter smart interiør med multifunksjonell bruk, uten å måtte gå på kompromiss med estetikken.

Vi lot Sascha sette KAOS barnestol på prøve. Les hele anmeldelsen og dommen hennes her!

Skrevet av Sascha / @saschanielsenn (anmeldelsen er skrevet på engelsk)

Long live Klapp high chair!

We got the Kaos chair when our daughter was 4 months old and added the newborn seat. We were immediately in love with the minimal design of the chair. We got the chair in Natural Oak and it suited perfectly in our interior.

@saschanielsenn review summary:



This is KAOS Klapp

Function + quality = longevity

In addition to a beautiful design, function is the Klapp high chair’s strongest DNA. By means of the various stakes, the chair covers several needs and age groups. My daughters are aged 10 months and 4.5 years, they both argue who can use the Klapp high chair everyday. I am sure that it will remain a favorite for many years to come.

Thanks to the quality of the materials and the dynamic construction, the KAOS high chair is a quality product that you don’t have to worry about replacing. I value it an investment that can go in inheritance. The chair is simple and has a great take on the modern classic of the future within children’s high chairs.

Perfect beauty and sublime craftsmanship

In our simple interior style, the high chair should not just to be a practical piece of children’s furniture. It must also be an aesthetic pleasure – a form of artwork in itself. I think the KAOS Klapp High Chair is a special gem which stands out with a transparent and honest design, where you can see all parts in all simplicity of the chair’s construction.

The design of the high chair is a harmonious amalgamation of modern minimalism and timeless elegance. The slim, curved back and the fine lines create a visual lightness that makes the chair suitable for a wide range of interior styles. The beauty of the oak tree color and texture shine through in every element of the chair and add a natural warmth to the room.

But beauty is not everything. The chair is also built to last and can withstand daily use and wear and tear, which, with its simple design, is easy to clean. The product is also delivered assembled and ready for use, which is a huge plus for a busy family with children. Another stamp of quality and good service!

A touch of Scandinavian coolness

When I saw KAOS high chair, it was love at first sight. We are a family with small children living in the city. We truly embrace the vibrant city life, but we also live in an apartment with limited space and a simple interior design. Multifunctional furniture is a key component of our lifestyle that make it possible to adapt our interior design and home to our different needs in an urban lifestyle having less space.

I have been looking for a multi-functional designed high chair for a long time that doesn’t take up too much space – without compromising on a strong aesthetic appeal, which I will enjoy in my interior. I am very impressed with the design of the chair; It can be adapted to the family’s needs and various phases of life. Whether you have a baby, toddler or child in school, the chair is their favorite chair around the dining table. It’s so easy to put away if you live in a smaller home and have requirements for function and design.

KAOS Klapp’s design with clean lines and the beautiful organic material adds a touch of Scandinavian coolness to any home.

Clever and beautiful products are hard to obtain. The Klapp Safety Rail can be mounted even with a baby on one arm, and it’s super easy to remove. It can be washed in the dishwasher after meals without the plastic becoming discolored. And I am a great supporter of the company focus on sustainable production, and the use of recycled plastic.

However, the Safety Rail may seem a bit tight around the legs if you have a a bigger baby like ours. It would be great if the Safety Rail would be slightly adjustable, or offered in an extra size variant to accommodate children of different sizes.

The best investment

I think the price is quite reasonable. You pay for a quality product with environmental considerations and long life. In short, this high chair is an investment in both form and function, that follows the child’s stage of development.

It adds a sublime coolness to the home, and delivers reliable quality and functionality. Give your child the best seating while adding  a timeless beauty to your home that will be a delight for generations.

For me this is the best investment.

The verdict

1. Design & Function


2. Longevity of the product


3. Quality of the product


4. Price of the product


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