Responsible parenting for future generations

A baby gear pioneer

Moving on from a small side-hustle and a living-room-warehouse, KAOS has established itself as a pioneer in the baby gear industry. Through research and revolution, KAOS is defining new standards, pushing forward sustainable innovation to produce with as small an environmental footprint as possible.

With our most recent edition of the Klapp Highchair, KAOS is proudly the only baby brand that facilitates for a circular economy.

team kaos

The Brand Story

Hey! We’re Mette Bordal Hansen and Gineline Kalleberg, the founders of KAOS. KAOS is a Norwegian lifestyle brand for parents which was launched in 2015. After becoming parents for the first time, we were shocked to learn how many things we had to buy. We found that the products on offer were either too expensive, poorly designed, had a short lifespan, or weren’t good quality. We wanted products with better functionality, and more sustainable production.

KAOS was created to secure a better, brighter future for young children, while making life with kids a bit easier and more enjoyable for parents.

The path is our goal. We will lead the way, always searching for better solutions.

Our Mission

KAOS will be the coolest and most sustainable baby gear for responsible parents.

Our values


We disrupt the current status quo and fosters innovation by crafting clever products that are trusted by families and loved by little ones.


Our baby gear ensures peace of mind with reliable safety features and the highest quality production.


Our adaptable baby gear combines functionality with fun, simplifying every moment for your family.


Rooted in transparency and sincerity, our baby gear genuinely meets every family’s needs.

Sustainable solutions

Sustainability is embedded into the heart of KAOS, and when creating products, it is always front of mind. We start by identifying parents’ needs, before we research new solutions to help create something that’s compatible with a circular economy.

The KAOS plastic promise

It’s no secret that the world is flooded with plastic, and we are determined to do something about it. Together with Repreve, we recycle PET bottles derived from consumer waste, and turn them into durable, solid bags that withstand the test of time.

We work with AION by Aker BioMarine and Fortum Waste & Recycling to make use of existing resources from post-industrial and consumer waste resources.

KAOS klapp high chair recycled waste

Zero Waste & a circular economy

We are the first in the world to be offering recycled and recyclable baby gear. We work closely with AION by AkerBiomarine and Fortum Waste & Recycling to secure a circular plastic economy.

The Klapp Highchair from wood is manufactured with zero waste production. The wood remains after production of our high chairs are used to fuel our factory with heat and electricity. 

The latest edition of Klapp high chair is made entirely from 100% recycled plastic from consumer waste. The chair also has 63% lower CO2 than fossil plastics.