KAOS for hospitality and institutions

KAOS is preferred supplier to well-known hospitality players across Europe and UK. The KAOS Klapp high chair comes ready assembled in the box and needs no adjustment over time; "one size" fits children all ages. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and is super easy to keep clean.

What you get

KAOS Klapp is an award-winning high chair with a unique DNA. Designed in Norway, produced in Europe. Shipping from Netherlands and Sweden, to Europe and the Nordics.

  • Ready assembled in the box
  • No adjustment, suitable for children all ages
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Can be stacked in rows. 10 Klapp high chairs = 1 m2
  • For indoor/outdoor (Klapp Recycled Plastic)
  • 63% lower CO2 emission (Klapp Recycled Plastic)

How to get it

To become our Pro Customer, please apply by submitting this form. Once verified, you will receive an invitation to our Pro Showroom where you can navigate and order at your own convenience, at our Pro Prices.

If you’re looking to establish a Framework Agreement, please get in touch on email and we will be happy to assist you further.

Three price points. Pick your choice:

Majestetic Oak

KAOS Klapp highchair in premium Oak. Made from FSC-certified wood, produced in Europe.

€ 263 / £223 / NOK 2639,- ex VAT/MVA

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Smooth Beech

FSC-certified Beech wood, available in a range of delicious colours.

€ 215 / £191 / NOK 2239,- ex VAT/MVA

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Recycled Superstar

The feisty sibling in the KAOS Klapp collection! Made from 100% recycled plastic that derives from consumer waste. 63% lower CO2 emission, developed for a circular economy.


€ 159 / £143 / NOK 1599,- ex VAT/MVA

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The Bodyguard

Klapp Safety Rail for 6-36 months. Compatible to all KAOS Klapp high chairs. Made from 50% recycled plastic. Available in three different colours.

€ 47/ £39 / NOK 479,- ex VAT/MVA

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