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Paula er mor til Anuk (3), og bor i Tyskland. Paula driver IG-kontoen @nourishedbypaula, og bloggen Plantifultaste.com.

Paula har en dyp interesse for å leve et mer helhetlig liv, og forfølger et liv i tett forbindelse med naturen. Vi elsker at hun klarer å skape en positiv og sunn endring med enkle hverdagsvalg. Her er Paulas ærlige anmeldelse av KAOS Klapp barnestol! Anmeldelsen er på engelsk.


Rather Poor
Less Good
Very Good

Skrevet av Paula / @nourishedbypaula

Absolutely in love

I am absolutely in love with the design and natural oak wood look of this chair. It adds a touch of elegance to our space and blends beautifully with our interior. ✨
But of course it’s not just about the looks – this chair is all about functionality! It allows Anuk to easily get up and down on his own, promoting independence and skill-building – he truly enjoys it and that’s the main reason why we wanted this chair! Plus, it’s super easy to clean with no food-trapping edges.

Built to last

Also this high chair is built to last! With additional accessories like the newborn seat, safety rail, and tray, it grows with your child, accommodating them from early on through their toddler years. The natural wood construction feels solid and durable, and the attention to detail is so lovely. My only small preference would be for organic cotton cushions instead of the synthetic ones provided, as they are prone to lint and not my favorite material.

While the price may be slightly higher, it’s a worthwhile and sustainable investment considering the design, functionality, and longevity this high chair offers. It’s definitely one chair that will stay with your child throughout their entire childhood.

The natural wood construction feels solid and durable, and the attention to detail is so lovely.

The verdict

1. Design & Function

I absolutely love the design of this high chair, especially with its natural oak wood look. It adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the room. What stands out the most is its functionality. The chair allows my child to easily get up and down on their own, promoting independence and skill-building. It’s not just a practical feature but also an important aspect for this age group. The chair is also incredibly easy to clean, with no awkward edges where food can get stuck. Additionally, it arrived fully assembled, making it a hassle-free experience.

2. Longevity of the product

This high chair is built to last through several phases of toddler life. I appreciate the additional accessories available for the chair, such as the newborn seat, safety rail, and tray. These additions make it versatile and suitable for use from early on and for many years to come. I wish we had discovered this chair earlier, as our previous one didn’t offer the option for independent movement. This chair truly grows with the child, making it a worthwhile investment that can be used throughout their entire childhood.

3. Quality of the product

The overall quality of this high chair is exceptional. The craftsmanship and materials used are top-notch. The natural wood construction is of such high quality that it feels like it can last a lifetime. The chair stands out among others due to its unique construction and attention to detail. I appreciate the customizability options available, allowing me to personalize the chair to suit my interior perfectly. If I were to mention a downside, it would be the cushions’ material. I personally prefer organic cotton over synthetic materials, and the cushions are also prone to lint. It would be great to have a set of organic cotton cushions that can be easily swapped when they need to be washed.

4. Price of the product

The recommended retail price of this high chair may be slightly higher than average, but considering the excellent design, functionality, and longevity it offers, I find it well worth the investment. The fact that it can be used from an early age and last for many years, potentially even for future children, makes it a great value for the price.

All in all: VERY GOOD.

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