Our job is to give you better alternatives

Black Friday is here, and your mailbox is probably full of crazy, limited offers. It1s time to keep cool, dear - and think twice about what you buy. Our job is to provide you with better alternatives, and we do that by offering quality over quantity. Timeless pieces that last long, through several phases of life. Happy, conscious shopping!

KAOS Backpacks are made from recycled plastic bottles from consumer waste (Repreve certified) ♻️. Durable and designed to last. Read all about our textile production here!

KAOS Backpacks & Accessories
KAOS X Røros Tweed is 100% Norwegian design 🇳🇴, 100% Norwegian Lamb wool 🐑 and 100% Norwegian production ✂️.
KAOS X Røros Tweed
KAOS Endeløs is developed to last through several phases of life. From a climbing wall to a creative workstation and beautiful storage.
We operate in the sweet spot where timeless design meets functional needs. All our products have unique properties that make toddler life a bit more convenient.
Playbags and other interior
Spend your money on quality items that last long and are produced responsibly for the good of tomorrow. Invest in the future for future generations.
Klapp High Chair & Accessories