With this stylish wall bar you get a kids room that the children will adore. And you will love it just as much!

Active kids

KAOS Endeløs wall bar is a beautiful piece of furniture for your home, plus a piece of furniture the kids are allowed to climb and play on. And trust me, it’s a lifesaver whenever you’re indoors and sens the kids need to ravage, play and burn some energy, when screen time won’t do the trick. Active kids are happy kids, and not least: happy kids mean happy parents!

Storage in the kids room

It goes without saying: A kids room has many toys, books, clothes, bits and pieces that must be stored and kept in order. With KAOS Endeløs wall bar, you have the opportunity to get lots of practical storage that is easy to use by both you and your kids. The kids manage to reach books and toys themselves, and not least: They manage to put things back in place!

A playful kids room

With simple steps, you can convert the KAOS Endeløs wall bar to many other formations. And with a little imagination and some of our custom accessories, you can create an incredibly beautiful kids’ room where the child wants to be, a room that stimulates play. You will not believe how much fun they can come up with with a wall bar. It can be anything from a fire ladder to help save a monkey from the top of a tree to a gym. The imagination sets no limits!

A kids room for to keep for long

KAOS Endeløs wall bar is so much more than a regular wall bar. Not only can you rebuild the formation and create completely new setups as the kids get older, but you can also connect the desktop, shelves and storage bags and give Endeløs an eternal life. With the desktop you get a creative workplace, the desktop is easily connected at any desired height and is easy to take on and off. Why not use Endeløs for both your kids AND yourself? By connecting the desktop to a higher rib, you suddenly have a laptop table that works perfect as a home office.