From bottles to bags

The world is changing fast and it is our job to adapt. KAOS aims to lead the industry and set new standards in which how we source and produce fabrics.

We work for a better tomorrow. In addition to designing products that last through several phases so you can shop a little less, we have dedicated ourselves to influencing our industry through innovation, new materials, and new methods.

When we launched KAOS in 2015, we only produced cotton textile products. In 2015 we didn’t know better and the technology we have today did not exist. Since 2019, all of our bags are made from recycled plastic bottles that come from consumers’ waste. The material is called recycled PET, a synthetic fiber based on plastic/polyester that comes from plastic bottles. After the fiber is spun and the fabric is woven, we brush the surface of the fabric in a way that makes it look identical to cotton canvas. But the properties are many times better. Because it is a synthetic fabric, PET is far more durable and weather-resistant. It won’t fade like cotton from UV rays, and it’s much water repellant. In addition, it weighs less than cotton.

To produce a batch of backpacks, we recycle nearly 150,000 plastic bottles that could otherwise end up in landfills. We contribute to remove waste and turn it into something useful, beautiful and practical that you can enjoy for many years. The actual process of recycling plastic bottles into fibers has a minimal environmental footprint. It requires little energy, little H2O and leaves no pollution in the soil.

To make one batch of bags, we recycle about 150,000 plastic bottles.

In the hunt for manufacturers, we have learned how incredibly important it is to have certifications. Many manufacturers say they produce recycled PET, but they actually buy new plastic bottles right from the bottle manufacturer that is recycled. Sight! Therefore, we only work with certified partners and materials. All KAOS backpacks are made from Repreve certified fiber. Unifi s the world’s leading provider of fiber from recycled materials, and they provide the Repreve certification. Not only does Repreve mean high quality, it also means Unifi can trace the bottles back to the recycle station they come from.

The Repreve recycling facilities are located in North Caroline, USA. Our milling- and bag manufacturer are located in Vietnam. Asia has come far in terms of technology and machine parks, and our manufacturer provides excellent quality.

We still work with cotton in some products, such as Samlesak and accessories for Endeløs. This is GOTS-certified cotton that is produced in modern machinery with little environmental footprint. India is bsuperb in cotton production so our cotton manufacturer is based in India.