Baptismal gifts

It is no longer common to give jewelry and silver spoons as a baptismal gift and at naming ceremonies. Parents want more practical gifts for their children, which they can use in everyday life. Here are our best gift ideas for baptisms and name ceremonies in various price ranges.

klapp dåpsgave

Gift idea: High chair in Scandinavian design

When you get the great honor of being a godmother or godfather in baptism or at a naming ceremony, you want to give something extra nice. And you want to invest a little more. KAOS Klapp high chair is a fantastic baptismal gift of high quality that will be used the entire childhood.

Comes assembled in the box
For children from 6 months-7 years
Needs no adjustment along the way
Can be folded and is easy to put away / take on a trip

Gift idea:: baby blanket from 100% lambswool

We still have the baby blankets that we used when we were babies. Today, the baby blankets are used as decoration at home with a high affection value. It is incredibly nice to be able to bring such childhood memories into adulthood. KAOS x Røros Tweed is a 100% Norwegian collaboration with a limited edition collection of baby blankets. A baby blanket from KAOS x Røros Tweed is a beautiful gift that will be a strong memory the child has with them for life.

Gift idea: Kids backpack

Every child needs a kindergarten bag. KAOS makes bags and hip bags for children that are designed to withstand the test of time, and have all the necessary functionality to last the entire kindergarten period. KAOS Mini-Ransel is made from recycled plastic bottles and produced with as low a footprint as possible to take the best possible care of the children’s future. An excellent baptismal gift that the child will carry with pride and, that will collect many good memories over the years.

A Mini-Hipster is also great to have because children collect all the things they come across on life’s little excursions. With KAOS Mini-Hipster, they have a safe place to gather all the discoveries along the way.

Gift idea: Samlesak

A baptismal gift that is useful for both parents and children is great! KAOS Samlesak is a hot tip if you want to help make everyday life for a family with small children a little easier. This is a nice storage bag that is ingenious for preserving Lego, Duplo, and other toys. Children find it fun to help gather the toys into the bag, and it is quickly swooped together and gets the toys away. A super gift!