High chair

We developed KAOS Klapp high chair because we couldn't find a nice and space-saving highchair in high-quality, wooden materials. It took us 5 years to make the perfect high chair, but we never gave up: KAOS Klapp is the only highchair you need.

folding high chair

Folding high chair

Klapp high chair is folded together using a two-step locking mechanism. It takes 5 seconds to fold the chair together!

High chair for the entire childhood

With the newborn seat fitted, the KAOS Klapp high chair can be used from newborn age. You easily switch from the newborn seat to the safety rail, and for the older children, just unhook the rail and use it as long as they want to sit in a high chair. The baby naturally grows into new positions, and the step ladders allow for an active sitting position. It’s like resting the legs in a staircase.

Bring the high chair on holiday

Whether you are going on a short visit or planning a longer holiday, you must have a high chair for the child to be able to sit with you at the table. KAOS Klapp fits in the trunk, in the ski box – it even fits on your lap, if need be!

sett barnestolen bort

High chair at grandma and grandpa's

Grandparents like to be visited by grandchildren, and it gets even nicer when they can sit at the dining table together. All grandparents need a Klapp folding high chair! It is perfect to hang on the wall, lay under the guest bed, or put behind a door when not in use.

High chair with tray

2021/22 we are launching a tray for Klapp high chair!  And those who know us know that we do not just make a tray to make a tray. We will make it the world’s most sustainable tray  – without compromising on functionality and design. Coming soon!

sketch newborn klapp

High chair with newborn set

In 2022, we will launch a newborn set for Klapp high chair! Thus, one can use Klapp from the child is about 1 month old. When we make a newborn set, it should be one of the best. We are also making the world’s most sustainable newborn set, and if we dare to say it ourselves: it will be the most stylish newborn seat you have ever seen. Coming soon!