barnetsol på ferie

Bring the highchair on holiday

Whether you are going on a short visit or planning a longer vacation, you must have a highchair as long as the child needs a highchair to sit at the table. KAOS Klapp is easy to bring. It fits in your luggage, in the ski box - it even fits on your lap.

Taking children to a place where there is no highchair is not optimal. First of all, you want to avoid having the baby on your lap when feeding, and you do not want the baby to sit in the stroller to eat every meal. You want the child to sit with you around the table, but there is no guarantee that there is a highchair wherever you travel.

KAOS Klapp is perfect to take on short and long visits. Fold it without any disassembly. You can take it under the arm and just walk right over to the neighbor. Klapp highchair weighs only 5 kg and is easy to carry.

If you are going further and drive a car, it fits easily in the trunk. It’s no problem to bring on a train. Klapp folding highchair takes up no space.