Change of Distribution Partner DACH & BENELUX

We are please to announce our new partnership with 2E Vertrieb.

Dear Partner!

Since KAOS Was established in 2015, our company has experienced significant growth. Moving on from a small side-hustle and livingroom-warehouse, KAOS has established itself as a pioneer in the baby gear industry. Through research and revolution, KAOS is defining new standards, pushing forward sustainable innovation to produce with an as small as possible environmental footprint.

With our most recent edition of the Klapp Highchair, KAOS is proudly the only baby brand that facilitates for a circular economy.

In order to achieve our overall mission to let KAOS become the coolest and most sustainable baby brand for responsible parents worldwide, we are now making the next step to professionalize our distribution and sales network worldwide.

For the DACH and BENELUX region we are very happy to announce that we have been taking partnership with 2E Vertiebs-GmbH to further accelerate growth and brand development of KAOS in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. 2E Vertrieb will be the exclusive distributor for KAOS in the DACH and BENELUX region. 

We have agreed to change the distribution from KAOS to 2E with effect from 01 April 2024. All distribution will be done in the same manner as all other 2E products, and you can place your orders as known from your existing partnership with 2E. 

Note: All orders received until 31 March will be managed and shipped from KAOS as usual. 

Should any questions arise, please reach out to the team of 2E Vertirebs-GmbH, your known account manager or the team at KAOS Norge AS.

Thank you for your continuous support, we look forward to keep growing together!

All the best,

Team 2E Vertrieb & KAOS


Why does the distribution change to 2E Vertrieb?

This to further professionalize and accelerate the growth KAOS has through the launch of its new highchair product lines.

We carry KAOS products today, how can we order?

Please contact 2E Vertrieb from 01.04.2024. All orders placed until 31.03.2024 will be handled and delivered through KAOS Norge AS.

Contact details 2E Vertrieb:

Which party should I order from?

You will be able to order through 2E Vertrieb from 01.04.2024.

Who delivers open orders?

KAOS will deliver open orders until 31.03.2024. KAOS does not forward orders to 2E but will inform the customers in case orders cannot be fulfilled through KAOS and in case 2E Vertrieb needs to be contacted before the transitioning date.

Where can I get a POS/marketing material for displaying?

POS/Marketing material can be ordered through your 2E Account manager.

I have a claim, who should I contact?

Claims will be handled by 2E Vertrieb from 01.04.2024. Before please contact your known contact person at KAOS Norge AS.

2E After Sales: reklamation@2e-vertrieb.de
2E General inquiries: info@2e-vertrieb.de

What will our prices be?

Please refer to your 2E account manager for details and updated information.