ransel pappa

Changing bag for dads

You will be looking for a long time for a more handsome sight than a dad with children on his arm and a KAOS backpack 😍

KAOS Ransel is the changing bag developed for dads as well. We are so happy every time a dad comes by our showroom and finds a changing bag he’s just as excited to use himself! It fits well on the back, it is stylish and robust, and it is perfect on the stroller. KAOS Ransel doesn’t look like a traditional changing bag, because it is designed to be a completely normal backpack. Just smarter.

All necessary functionality

KAOS Ransel has all the necessary functionality a changing bag should have, and it gives even the fussiest dads the ability to have good order and control over the contents. It is important when you have toddlers, so you know where things are when you suddenly need them. KAOS Ransel has a total of 8 pockets to organize the content well:

  • 2 interior bottle pockets.
  • 2 exterior bottle pockets.
  • 1 interior pacifier pocket.
  • 1 pocket for diapers and wet wipes.
  • plenty of space for a change of clothes and everything you need for a ride.
  • It fit’s a 15” laptop.
  • separate pocket with a padded changing mat (also included).



A bag for dad that can be used for a long time

The advantage of KAOS Ransel, in addition to all the sections and compartments, is that it is designed to be a completely regular bag you can use for many years. It is timeless and classic and maintains a high quality that can withstand the test of time. And it’s easy to style. It is just as cool for the denim jacket as the rain coat, and it will be a companion for many years.