The best diaper bag

KAOS Ransel changing bag is one of Norway’s most popular changing bags. From day one, the two Norwegian mothers and founders of KAOS have been concerned with developing products that protect the future of tomorrow’s generations. Therefore, they were keen to make a cool and stylish changing bag that you will use much longer than a traditional changing bag. KAOS Ransel is just as ingenious to use as a work bag, as a changing bag on the stroller.

With 8 pockets, it is easy to have a good overview. And a good overview of your content is something you need wether you need a changing bag or a backpack for work. KAOS Ransel has:

  • 1 Separate pocket, perfect size for for diapers
  • 1 Separate pocket wet wipes
  • 2 Bottle pockets, both outside and inside
  • 1 Separate pacifier pocket, so the pacifiers stay free of gays
  • Plenty of room for change of clothes and everything you need to bring with you when you are on a wheelbarrow ride
  • 1 Separate pocket for the changing mat (in the outside zipper pocket). By removing the changing mat, you immediately get a regular bag that you will use for many years
  • It fits a 15 ” laptop and a laptop sleeve, which is ingenious so you can use it as a regular work bag as well
  • 1 Exterior “socket pocket” where you can have important papers
  • Separate carrying strap that is easily snapped on, so the changing bag can hang nicely on the stroller. You can also purchase matching stroller hooks if you want it to stay better put on the stroller handle.

KAOS Ransel changing bag is developed from recycled plastic bottles that are purchased from recycling facilities. The textile is Repreve certified, which ensures that the bottles actually come from deposit facilities and that the overall production keeps the environmental footprint as low as possible. The supplier of KAOS bags is also Bluesign certified, which secures and protects both the environment, the workers, and all working conditions.

Recycled textiles

The fabric from which KAOS Ransel changing bag is made is water-repellent. You do not have to be afraid that the contents will get wet if you are out strolling when it comes to a shed, it can withstand it perfectly. As the fabric is synthetic, KAOS Ransel changing bag can be exposed to sun and UV rays without being damaged or faded. KAOS has succeeded in making a beautiful and robust changing bag that is super practical, suitable for both men and women, and that can withstand the test of time.

KAOS Ransel changing bag is designed to hang well on all types of strollers. A separate carrying strap is included, which you snap on each side of the backpack. Throw it over the stroller, and you are ready for a ride.

If you have a stroller that has a very steep steering wheel without joints, we recommend using KAOS stroller hooks. KAOS stroller hooks can be purchased separately an match KAOS Ransel changing bag. They make the backpack stay pur and not move, as it can do when you just hang it over the steering wheel with the carrying strap.

An ordinary bag

As a backpack, KAOS Ransel is incredibly comfortable to carry. It has padded, adjustable shoulder straps and fits well on the back. KAOS Ransel changing bag is timeless, classic, and robust. This is a changing bag and a backpack that you will be incredibly fond of and will enjoy for many years to come.

KAOS Ransel changing bag comes in a selection of different color combinations. Which bag is your favorite? You can also enjoy matching Weekend Bag and Stelleclutch, as well as a matching Mini-Ransel for kindergarten.

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