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The changing bag you will use long after diaper days are over

KAOS Ransel is designed as a regular backpack you can use for years. But we have given it some completely unique features that give you full control whether you want to use it as a changing bag on the stroller or at work with your laptop.

The whole reason why we developed KAOS Ransel was our irritation over traditional changing bags. Why did we have to have a separate changing bag for the stroller? We found that very unnecessary. Neither did we find the changing bags any nice. They had a very limited period of use, which we thought was silly. Why should we buy a changing bag that could only be used as a changing bag? Nah. We did not want any of that.

An ordinary backpack, just smarter

KAOS Ransel is at first glance a normal backpack, just like a backpack should be. It has a timeless design that fits all outfits, whether you wear a raincoat or a leather jacket. It also suits both him and her. And that was important to us, so it could become a backpack everyone could feel comfortable in and use for any occasion.

But after we had children, we also needed better control. Everyone has probably had a bag with one large room where you will never find what you are looking for. That’s not how you can manage when you have children! So in addition to being an ordinary backpack, KAOS Ransel has a bunch of smarter details that make life easier.

8 pockets give you full control

OK, let’s have one thing clear: Pockets in a bag are underrated. Pockets give you a good system, and a good system makes life easier. Always! Whether you are packing the changing bag or you are going to work. KAOS Ransel has 8 pockets in different sizes that are perfect for sorting the contents. It holds everything you need in a changing bag, and it holds a 15 ” laptop and all your private belongings. KAOS Ransel is a superb backpack for work.

Recycled textile, premium quality

It doesn’t help that it looks good if the quality is not good. Because when you invest in a quality backpack that you can use for many years, it must also withstand the test of time. We have worked for over 5 years to get the right quality of our bags, and it is so nice to hear that our customers are just as happy with the result as we are. KAOS Ransel is developed from recycled plastic bottles that we purchase from recycling facilities. It is one of our measures to reduce the abundance of plastic in the world, and we are proud to recycle over 500,000 plastic bottles a year to get enough textiles to produce our bags.

When we work with recycled textiles from plastic bottles, it means the textile is synthetic. This means that it withstands weather and wind far better than a “natural material” such as cotton canvas. Digression: before the technology behind the textile we use today existed, KAOS Ransel was produced from cotton canvas. So we know from experience how cotton is affected by, for example, UV rays over time. And therefore we can with our hands-on heart confirm that the textile we use today is of sky-high quality. We guarantee that.

The fabric in our bags is also waterproof. And it is a must when you live in a country like Norway with 4 seasons and potentially a lot of rainfall.

One backpack, many styles

One last thing we were concerned about when we developed The Ransel was that people should be able to keep their own identity. It was especially important for us after we became mothers, to still be able to be ourselves and feel good. That is why Ransel is available in a selection of colours and styles, so you can find the backpack that suits you best. KAOS Ransel is a bag you will love, which you will enjoy for many years.

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