ransel stelleveske på vogn

Changing bag for any stroller

KAOS Ransel changing bag is designed to hang nicely on all types of strollers. And it is designed to be both cool and timeless. Ransel changing bag is unisex and fits both women and men. This changing bag will be like a jewel on the stroller!

It comes with a carrying strap that you easily snap on each side of the backpack, so you can hang it over the stroller.

If you have a pram that has a slightly steep steering wheel without joints, changing bags can tend to slip down on the steering wheel. Then we recommend the separate, matching stroller hooks. The stroller hooks are fastened around the steering wheel with Velcro and ensure that the changing bag hangs in a fixed position and does not slip down on the steering wheel.

Changing bag for twin stroller

KAOS Ransel changing bag is excellent for all types of the stroller, also on twin strollers. The Ransel changing bag has a large enough volume and holds what you need for twins. On twin strollers, we also recommend buying matching stroller hooks, so the KAOS Ransel changing bag will hang nicer on the stroller without being too pulled on each side.

Changing bag for Emmaljunga

Emmaljunga strollers are popular, and KAOS Ransel changing bag is both beautiful and hangs excellently as a changing bag on an Emmaljunga. Some Emmaljunga strollers have joints in the steering wheel, which means that the changing bag hangs well with the included carrying strap. If you want matching stroller hooks, you can buy matching Ransel stroller hooks as accessories.

Changing bag for Stokke strollers

If you have a Stokke stroller, the KAOS Ransel changing bag will fit perfectly. On some of Stokke’s steering wheels, it will be a good idea to use the matching KAOS Stroller Hooks. Then the Ransel changing bag will hang stably at all times, without the risk of slipping down the steering wheel.

A practical, functional and beautiful changing bag

KAOS Ransel has all the necessities a changing bag should have. It is equipped with 8 pockets that allow you to have good order of the contents. In the KAOS Ransel changing bag you get

  • Separate pocket for diapers and wet wipes
  • Separate pocket for pacifiers
  • Two inside side pockets
  • Two outside side pockets
  • Exterior zip pocket that includes a changing mat
  • Exterior “socket pocket” on the back with space for papers, letters etc.

The fabric is also water-repellent and handles rainy days without any problems. The fabric will not be faded by UV rays but stays nice year after year. KAOS Ransel changing bag can withstand the test of time and is a bag you become more and more fond of every day you use it.

One changing bag, different styles

It was important for the founders behind KAOS to make a changing bag that was timeless and suitable for all types of strollers. And all kinds of people. That is why KAOS Ransel changing bag comes in a number of different variants. KAOS Ransel changing bag is just as stylish on the stroller as it is on your back.  What style are you?

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